Common Tapware Problems and Solutions to fix them

Common Tapware Problems and Solutions to fix them

When it comes to the choice of tapware, you may begin to experience some problems after installation. It does not necessarily mean that the tapware is of poor quality because many factors could lead to the problem. So, the most crucial issue is to identify what the problem is and proffer lasting solutions. Whenever any of these problems occur, different questions begin to pop up without providing the correct answers. 

The best place to check out is from professionals in the production, retailing and installation of this modern tapware. Below are some of the most common questions that we get from our customers. We have provided working solutions that can help you overcome them. some of the questions you may find include the following Click here to read about Faster and Cheaper Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom.

  • Why is my tapware leaking?
  • How easy are the replacement options of tapware?

Why is my tapware leaking?

The first issue with reporting a leaking tap is to identify which type of tapware it is. Let us consider a few of the common types

  1. A traditional hot or cold pillar tapware

If your tap is traditional hot or cold tapware, the most probable reason it is leaking is a faulty seal or washer. So, you now know where to look, and you need to check if the seals and washer are in place or good enough. If not, you can place an order for a replacement from the Tile and bath Co where you can get a cost-effective replacement that fits your budget. 

  1. Mixer taps

A leak may also occur with a bathroom mixer tap that can cause insufficient water running with the ceramic cartridge inside the tapware. The best option to fix this problem is to replace the inner cartridges of the mixer taps. 

How easy are the replacement options of tapware?

Replacing the tapware and other related components largely depends on the type of tapware you have and the required method to install or fix it. A tap replacement can be simple for anyone who wants to try out the DIY approach. Below is a brief description of how to replace your bath tapware and basin tapware. These methods can also work for installing bath mixer tapware and basin mixer tapware by yourself.

  1. How to fix bath tapware

First, you need to unpack the tapware from the delivery box and check to see any faults. If you find any error, contact the manufacturer and retailer immediately. But if there is non, proceed to the given steps for installation. Some of the tools you need to fix the bath tapware by yourself include a standard spanner set, tape measure and a specific tapware spanner.

Steps to fix the bath tapware

  1. Lay down a strip of masking tape along the top end of your bathtub
  2. Use the measuring tape to measure the exact length and mark the centre of the overflow. Then take the measurement of the position of the tap holes to the edges as well. If you have a bath mixer tapware, use the width of the fitting. 
  3. Look for the centre points of your tap hole from your measurement of the bathtub length or width and drill with the hole saw. Whereas some bathtubs may come with their boring holes, others may still require you to boreholes.
  4. Remove the tap and fit the tapware according to the instruction on its manual. The tapware should appear on the left side of the bath from opposite ends of the tapware.
  5. It is now time to fasten the washers and nuts to hold the tapware. So, add the washers and nuts to the underside of your tapware to fix it in the right place. You will need a tapware spanner for this step
  6. After fixing the tapware into its rightful place, you need a Flexi pipe to connect this tapware to the respective outlets for water supply. However, you may need a professional plumber to do this part.
  7. How to fix basin tapware

The fixing process of the basin pillar tapware is a factor in the tapware’s nature and type. So, after receiving your order of the tapware replacement, check to see if it contains all the request components. Also, you should examine the elements to be sure they are in good shape before you begin the installation at all. Meanwhile, remember to turn off the running water from the main supply before you start the installation. You may need a standard spanner set and a special tapware spanner to carry out this job by yourself.

Steps to follow

  1. Start by putting the hot tapware on the left side of the basin when looking at them from the front. So, unscrew its bottom nuts from the tapware and lower it into the tap hole of the basin. Also, ensure that the tap is at 900 to the basin’s rim to avoid spilling away.
  2. Since you have inserted the tapware into the tap hole, it is time to connect the other parts of screws, nuts and washer. Now screw the nut back to the right place by hand and check if it is correctly placed
  3. The next step to take after ensuring the tapware is in its proper position is to tighten the nut using your specialized tapware spanner. Meanwhile, while doing that, be careful not to spoil the basin.
  4. Now that you have finished installing your hot tapware repeat the same steps to install your hot water.
  5. Regarding how your plumber sets up your water supply channels, you may need a flexible tap tail and standard connectors. These connectors serve the purpose of attachment to the water pipes. So, you need to check and tighten these connectors.
  6. Open your water source and see the flow level while checking out for any leakage at any joint. Repeat this process a couple of times and allowing the water to run for several minutes. If you notice any leakage anywhere, then try to tighten the connectors some more

Faster and Cheaper Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom

Faster and Cheaper Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom

Many signs show that it is time to upgrade your bathroom. But even when you are convinced, the next question that begs the situation is the cost and time it takes to get things done. We have resolved to create an article that can reveal the fastest way possible to upgrade your bathroom with a pocket-tearing budget for these two reasons. Meanwhile, the easiest way to know that it is time for an upgrade is to look archaic, dull, and outdated. Click here to learn about bathroom Tawpare.

To bring back the life, excitement and attraction that comes from your bathroom, you may need to freshen things up a bit. Generally speaking, the whole process of upgrading your bathroom from start to finish can cost you up to $10,000. But how about not spending up to half of that and still restoring the life of your bathroom. In fact, the chances are that your bathroom does not even need such a complete overhaul.

Instead, you only need to give it a few updates here and there in terms of tools, items, and decorations. Instead of a complete overturn, you may just need a few new ideas to stay on budget. Your budget is definitely a solid reason why you may even be thinking of renovating the bathroom now. In addition, you may not consider it because of the long messy period it takes for things to return to normal. But this article envisages and solves those two significant problems.

New Tapware

No doubt, one of the ways to identify that your bathroom needs a new touch is the working of your tapware. Right from the aesthetic value of tapware to its functionality in the bathroom, the homeowner can begin to get an idea of the home’s condition. When any of these qualities fail about tapware, you must ensure a quick fix and, if possible, a complete replacement. At times, a mere repair of worn-out tapware will do. At other times, you need to replace them.

Moreover, tapware is perhaps the most used feature in your bathroom. And since many hands have touched it over the years, it may be the first place to focus on upgrade. At the same time, bear in mind that leaky or outdated tapware is very dangerous for the home because it can cause disasters and havocs such as flooding. Whereas they will waste your resources while you pay high for your water bills. While you may boast of an eco-friendly environment, lousy tapware can turn things around in a bit and cause a dampened surrounding. 

In another article, we have discussed the choice of tapware available in the market and how to identify them. Meanwhile, you can choose the traditional style of tapware for your bathroom or opt for the contemporary techniques in chrome or black colours. Check out the Tile and Bath Co for some of the best options on the two sides of tapware choices. 

A New Shower Screen

Another item you need to focus on in your bathroom upgrade project is your shower screen. No doubt, just as you identify that your bathroom is dirty when the screen is dirty, you can also use the same principle for the upgrade. A haggard-looking shower screen is an indication that something requires serious attention in that bathroom. At times, it may not just be enough to wash the shower screen. You may need a new shower screen altogether. 

Furthermore, a screen that contains several years of soap scum cannot remain in place. And it needs more than a mere wash only for it to gather more stains. Meanwhile, when the shower screen is clean, it gives an illusion that there is more space in the bathroom. More so, your bathroom looks generally cleaner, adding a sense of luxury to your feeling. You can get an average shower screen for about $160 minimum with an 800 mm length of the panel up to $285 for 1400 mm.

A Brand New Toilet Seat

I know so many times I’ve had to turn my back on using the toilet simply because of the same reason. And no, it is not because it is dirty. It was merely an old type. You see, in our mind, a very archaic toilet seat, no matter how clean it looks, cannot still be compared with the modern styles. In other words, if your toilet seats have seen better days, then that is a clear indication that it is time to change the entire toilet closet system.

However, you may need a closer evaluation of things before pulling the old one out. For instance, does the whole closet system need a replacement or just some parts of it. If you need to replace only a part, ensure you also check the inner components by lifting the lid of the water storage. A thorough assessment gives you an idea of how much of an upgrade you need. New toilet seats are cheap and can bring about a simple switch that will eventually matter a great deal.

Updated Vanity

Getting a new vanity for your bathroom may be all you need to refresh your outlook and visual perception. You may have heard that the honest effort to make the enormous difference may not be significant in itself. The same goes for vanity. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of budget-friendly top-end units you can choose to upgrade your bathroom. These items not only bring a visual appeal, but they also turn things around in a straightforward way that stuns everyone. 

At the same time, the right vanity can increase the storage space and the overall design of your bathroom. BOAB’s PVC is one great option that comes with several upgrading options for modern styles. The crisp white colour is also a practical value to add to your bathroom, at least for light reflection. Moreover, it brings a contemporary look to your bathroom, especially if you choose the wall-hung vanity with finger pull storage. 


In conclusion, your bathroom upgrade is not only for you and your family. It also gives a good image of your inner chamber to every guest who wishes to share them with you. In other words, don’t stall any opportunity to upgrade the bathroom. After all, you now know that a bit of addition to the decorations, walls, toilet seats and tapware can be equivalent to a huge difference.